Tuesday, 30 October 2007


Kahless wrote a Pissoem which she tells me means piss poor poem, I actually thought it was very good. Me I reckon I'm an expert at piss poor poems and to prove the fact I wrote a Pissoem about my day.

The Library by Chopski.

Today I went to the library to borrow a new book
I only had ten minutes so had a very quick look.

The choice was very limited and nothing that I'd fancy
no Stephen King no John Grisham not even Thomas Clancy.

They had on show a lot of Cd's, DVDs and audio cassettes,
kids books, atlases and loads of books on pets.

I asked the aging assistant for erotica or pornography
she gave me two by Mills and Boon and I went home for my tea.

I am available for weddings, parties and bar mitzvahs. I'm so confident of my ability in Pissoem writing that if you leave a topic in the comments box I'll write a Pissoem about it. Might not be today or tomorrow but sometime!!


Kahless said...

Thank-you very much and coming from an esteemed published author.
Whey hey!

I like your pissoem. Very good. I will come back later with a topic for your next one. Then you could compile an anthology of pissoems.

DJ Kirkby said...

I like it! How about writing one using .... bathtub as a topic?

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

Ooo, you are the new 'Pam Ayers!'


That's my topic, not what I think of you.

Pixie said...


Chopski said...

K; No worries, I'll wait with baited breath.

DJ; I've done a bathtub and will post it later if I get time.

VI; Quite confident I can do a warts one and will get on to it as soon as.

P; Radishes! LOL! Might need a little more time for that one!!

Kahless said...

How about...


Chopski said...

K; Fun? WTF! That may take some work!!