Friday, 27 June 2008



I've not been on here for a while I never seem to have the time at the moment or if I do I don't have the bloody inclination! Those of you who read DJ Kirkby's blog will know that I've been unwell with a mystery illness, well a mystery to the doctors anyway. I'm not going to bore you all with the details DJ's been keeping up to date with that but just to say it makes me tired and irritable. "Nothing new there then!" I hear from the cheap seats at the back. No, you're probably right but never-the-less I'd like to thank DJ for putting up with me through the grumpiness.

While I've been avoiding Blogging I've been working on a project I started a few (or more) years ago. I had great designs on writing a book, (Motorbikes, ducks and crispy sweet apples.) I had the start, middle and ending which just (just pah!) needed putting down on paper. I wrote 30,000 words or so and didn't like it so I tried changing the characters names, that didn't work. Then I took some bits out added other bits in and changed the names again, this didn't do it for me either! I put it away in the drawer and it was left but not forgotten. DJ kept asking when it would be finished "soon!" I'd lie. Then I had an epiphany (this is probably why my stomach is sore I'm sure you're not supposed to do that with a hosepipe and cold coffee!) and decided though the storyline was sound I was approaching it wrong, so I started again. I've worked on it on and off for the last few months and now the first draft is finished. It still needs a lot of work but its got a start, middle and end though it's short a few thousand words but I think I can sort that.

Now I have my dilemma, what to with it now? I think it's okay and DJ likes it (she may have a bias) so at the moment it's 100% success! Do I hide it away and leave it now the monkey is off my back or do I let other people read it who may think it's crap and bring me to tears? Answers on a postcard please!

I'm off to find my red biro. You all enjoy the weekend