Wednesday, 31 October 2007


A Pissoem as requested by DJ Kirkby.

Bathtub by Chopski.

Sitting here in my bath full of hot water and soft bubbles
I can soak for hours and wash away all my troubles.

I share it with a rubber duck, my radio and soft light
it's really quite relaxing on a cold October night.

I've read my book and paper and a ladies magazine
I've had a wash and a shave and brushed my teeth so clean.

The cat's in on the action and sitting on my lap
I'd really like to get out now but my toes stuck up the tap!


DJ Kirkby said...

Ha, ha, excellent!

Kahless said...

Excellent! Wow!

(Hope the cat didnt get wet and scratch you.)

Chopski said...

DJ; Ta.

K; Ta. Pah! to the cat!