Friday, 27 August 2010

Urban Dictionary

The Urban Dictionary definition of Chopski is: the person who always talks about cocaine and says how he has ounces coming out of his ass. "Hey chopski, you got any linears of yablonski?"

I would just like to say that person is not me!

I wonder what the Urban Dictionary says about you?

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Mystery Shopper

I have a new sideline.

I get paid to do it but it doesn't make me rich or famous. I even get to do it from the comfort of my computer chair though other times I have to go out into the big bad world and do it.

I am a mystery shopper!

I get paid to buy stuff I want (on the last occasion something I actually needed) and then comment on the service I get. I've worked in retail so I know how shit the job can be but some people don't make it easy for me to say nice things about them. The criteria can be quite strict and this makes it a bit difficult if the member of staff is nice but crap at their job.

Then last week I had a reality check and the biter was bitten back!

Halfway through the day at work I was approached by a gentleman who got out his ID and showed me he was working undercover for my bosses and needed to check me over. He did all his checks and was happy I was doing the job correctly and to the expected standard. He would have had no qualms to wrap me over the knuckles if I was doing it wrong no matter how nice I was.

So, sales/customer service assistants of Great Britain beware you may be serving me in my position of mystery shopper sometime soon!