Thursday, 27 September 2012

Blog Fest 2012

I am taking part in Blog Fest 2012.

All you need to do is leave a 'pick me' comment for your chance to win a digital copy of E-Maled.


If you click here you can see another giveaway from Lisa Renee Jones

Sunday, 9 September 2012


My book was published last week and can be found here. To be honest I'm not good with the self-promotion thing so am unlikely to sell many copies. Nevertheless, below is a brief description of the book and if you read it you may just want to give it a go.

Jimmy Gallagher, is a man who has not had a straightforward life. His wife gone, his career as a successful banker in tatters, and a subsequent spell as a HGV driver falling to pieces before he finds his perfect job.

Now his life is back on track but something is missing, a lady, and this is where his troubles really begin to take shape. Jimmy, being a pragmatic guy frequents a dating site and we join him as he is setting off to meet a friend he makes there, Hannah, and she is definitely not simple. For a start she is married, lives in the States and has a homicidal maniac for a husband. Worse, Jimmy has never flown and in his life nothing is ever as easy as you would expect.

Even in the darkest parts of Jimmy's tale you, hopefully, find yourself laughing aloud, as he follows a path he is fully aware will lead him to further distress without really understanding why he is doing so.

So is this a thriller? No, not in the traditional sense.

Is it a comedy? No, it's not that either.

I like to think E-MALED takes a fresh approach to a genre that at times can be quite tired, Jimmy Gallagher is an anti-hero that sometimes you may want to slap but eventually grow to love.

PS if you are in the USA you can find it here.