Wednesday, 25 February 2009

The day the doctor punched me!

I have a history of skin cancer and over the last decade I've had several lumps of my face removed. When I noticed another patch of skin on my face a couple of months ago I was convinced it was back. My GP agreed with me and arranged for me to visit the Dermatologist. I went today.

I'd never been to this clinic before previously using the one out of town where; they looked it my face, didn't like what they saw then proceeded to cut out chunks. Not here!

The young doctor wasn't convinced even though I told her that it was the same as the previous ones (I had a history here) though reluctantly agreed to get a second opinion. She told me there was a long waiting list and they shouldn't operate if there was nothing wrong with me. I understand and agree with this but if the previous doctors had thought the same I'd probably be dead by now. Her colleague suggested I have a biopsy which was fine, at least I find out one way or the other but she could have done that of her own back couldn't she? Does she have to pay for the procedure? Is it any skin off her nose?

The doctor doing the biopsy was very nice and even offered to show me the instruments he was going to use. Erm, no thank you! He also told me that the wound was oozing quite a bit but that was because I had a good blood flow being so YOUNG! Nice man. That was after he punched me with the biopsy punch.


Carol and Chris said...

Hmmmm....I think young Doctors need to have some training in how to actually deal with people!! They may have studied for years in order to become a doctor but I firmly believe that you are an expert on you and having been through it before you should be listened to!!

I hope it all works out but I do have a question....did you punch him back?

C x

Chopper said...

C+C I didn't punch anyone but I could see DJ cracking her knucles!

DJ Kirkby said...

Yes, I was NOT very happy with the first doctor's attitude! Part of the very long training to become a doctor is to listen to the patient as they know their body best AND Chopper has a recorded history of these innocent look skin cancer spots, so it isn't like he is a hypochondriac or anything. Grrrrrrrrr.

nitebyrd said...

Doctors take a special secret course in medical school - How To Become An Asshole 101. They all have to take it to graduate.

Punch biopsys aren't much fun, hope you heal well and soon. I also hope it's NOT skin cancer.


Blinkin' 'eck Chopper, I for one hate doctors bigtime. Hope all is OK for you :) TFx

Indigo said...

It's like when you go for a blood test and the nice nursy says it won't hurt, but it does..and then they tell you you'll just feel a little prick! How the fuck do they know, it's not their arm they're stabbing with the pointy thing!! Hope all is well after your biopsy..fingers x'd for you