Friday, 20 February 2009


I went to the cinema yesterday, it wasn't just me mind I had a small boy in tow. We saw the 11.30 showing of Bolt which I thought was in 3D but it wasn't or maybe I just never picked up the glasses. Anyway the cinema wasn't exactly full even though the girl on the till made out it was. We were all crammed into a small area in the middle of the cinema and all the outside seats were empty. This might have been OK if my small charge had sat still for 30 seconds and if the boy sat on the other side of me hadn't smelt like yeast. The yeast smell wasn't a big issue to start with but the air-con wasn't on and as the movie progressed with the people in close proximity it got warmer and warmer and so did the smell.

So, it got hotter and smellier and someone got fidgetier!

Now at the start of the movie I was told to turn off my phone, I presume so as not to annoy anyone. But as soon as the movie started half the cinema took out a crinkly packet of whatever and a straw that's only aim in life was to suck at the tiny bit of liquid at the bottom of their cup. Not annoying at all!

We spent £15 to be in a hot, smelly, uncomfortable and noisy environment to watch the movie. No wonder there are so many pirate copies about! The little man enjoyed it though so I guess that's all that counts?

On an unrelated topic; has anyone any idea why the 'm' key on my keyboard is disappearing?


Carol and Chris said...

We've not been to the cinema here since we've been back but I have to say that the Thai's know how to do cinema!!! Comfortable chairs, beer (for the adults obviously) and even get a blanket in case you are too cold!!!

We're planning to go this weekend Chris want's to see Watchmen....I think I may have to try some delaying tactics after reading this!!

C x

Lady in red said...

over use!


Mmmmmmm, let me think :O Tfx

Carol and Chris said...

There is an award for you over at mine :-)

C x

Chopper said...

C+C; Maybe it was just because it was a kids movie! And thanks for the award.

LinR; A vowel perhaps but M?

TF; mmmmmmmmmmmmm I don't think so!

nitebyrd said...
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