Sunday, 23 November 2008

Recent Keyword Activity!

Recent Keyword Activity!

  • Black woman face with bull superimposed.
  • Sex after seventy.
  • Hole in the bed by mister completely.
  • Liver blunt spoon.

I had no idea my posts were so interesting!

I saw some great graffiti today on an advert selling a golf bag and clubs it went something like; Golf bag and clubs for sale, would suit beginner, includes driver, putter and sand wedge. Someone had tagged on the end (think it's cheese and onion). Made me chuckle anyway!


DJ Kirkby said...

I don't dare look at the keyword activity that led people to my blog as it may put me off posting!

Lady in red said...

these key word activites are always fascinating


What no photo of the graffiti - shame on you man ;-) TFx

East Anglian Troy said...

What use is the driver without a golf buggy?

Chopper said...

DJ; As if!!

LinR; Scary!

TF; I do find it a pain having to cart my box brownie around everywhere and don't get me started on uploading the pictures.

EAT; Shame on you! What about your carbon (graphite) footprint?

nitebyrd said...

I've never looked at my keyword activity. I doubt I will now, yours are way to interesting!

Chopper said...

N; I bet yours is very interesting!!