Tuesday, 6 November 2007


A pissoem for DJ Kirkby.

Glass by Chopski.

When you look out of your window it's quite hard to understand
that the pane of glass you're looking through started off as a grain of sand.

We take the stuff for granted and life without it would be starker
for example your house with no windows now that would be much darker!

Your bottle of wine with no bottle and how would you pour it in a glass
Champagne from a plastic tumbler now that really has no class!

So here's a case to recycle if not you might get spanked
save up all your bottles and make sure they're bottle banked!

Thanks for all your kind comments on the rambling rhymes. Before (if I haven't already) I thought I might try something a little different tomorrow, something shorter!!


DJ Kirkby said...

Hurrah! I love it. Something shorter tomorrow? What is wrong with these? We all love these pissoems of yours!

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

Hey, nothing wrong with wine out of a cask! ;P

her indoors said...

or a spanking! oops did i really say that!

Chopski said...

DJ; Change is as good as ........

Vi; Good point but a bugger to get home from ASDA!

H I; Behave!