Monday, 24 September 2007

What the F***!!

I found this picture and really am not sure what's going on! Need a few suggestions guys!!

And for those who are intersted I posted the second chapter of E-Male here today.


Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

New perfume?

Chopski said...

Vi; Eau de toilette maybe?

Kahless said...


Girl on the right looks like she is rather disgusted by the whole thing (but not disgusted enough not to do it.)

Queen Vixen said...

Another women smell baaaad thing. Bollocks to it! I am not a 'guy' - but the guys I have known dont think women smell baaaad at all - quite the opposite.

Queen Vixen said...

Remember what Napoleon used to say when returning from battle. "My dearest Josephine, I will be back in two days - do not wash!"

Thumbs up to Boney and bollocks to the lets all be sanitised police.

PS: Have you ever nipped next door to raid their stash? Go on, go on, go on.

her indoors said...

'my vul's bigger than your vul's'
no my vul's bigger than yours'

Lynx217 said...

hmmmm something tells me they hadta be paid monsterously to do that shoot! eesh!

Chopski said...

K; I'm disgusted and trying not to show it.

QV; Seems like I'm attracted to the baaaaad woman smell??!! Don't good girls smell of sugar and spice and bad girls smell of anchovies?
Couldn't touch their stash, not with my chest!!

HI; Don't be so vulgar!

L: I don't think they turned up their noses!

Lady in red said...

hey do you mind not leaving your comments all over the place just as I am commenting on the comment before yours.....catching me out like that.....I just seconded your cock sack

Delboy's Daughter said...

I just read the last line of the previous commenters and I feel there is nothing more to say. I mean it's not everyday that one reads the immortal line:
I just seconded your cock sack, is it?

Chopski said...

DD; True! It's a long story and I'd hate to ruin the image you have in your mind so wont!!