Thursday, 5 July 2007

Where the hell is summer?

Bit of a cheek I know stealing a link off someone and posing it as your blog but, DILLIGAF? (Thanks Her Indoors!)

Anyway the rains pissing me off big time, this is the third time this washing has been on the line and it's fucking soaked again!! GRRR!

I'm off for a lay down in a dark room!!

57%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Have a go, go on you know you wanna!!

And if you have a spare couple of minutes and are feeling anal give this a go!! Play The Impossible Quiz


her indoors said...

oops 72% addicted! and thanks for the game the pizza is burnt will have to cook something else for tea! but hey DILLIGAF

Kahless said...

I scored 60% addicted.
And 'a couple of minutes'???????
Bloody gave up on the
Spare couple of minutes (my arse!!!)

Queen Vixen said...

No spare minutes as I have sooo many blogs to read. Does that make me a responsible blog user. I am in control, I can stop anytime I want - no, really I can.

Chopski said...

HI, K; Sorry about the couple of minute's thing! My son pointed me towards the quiz; I was a bit inept so he was shouting out all the answers. Took me a couple of minutes! Lol!
QV; If you say so! You want the number for BA (Bloggers Anonymous)?

DJ Kirkby said...

Best give me the number for BA... I am def addicted, it was made for people like me, socialising without any face to face contact, fab! Not touching that quiz though, uh, uh, no way...

her indoors said...

the bloody quiz is addictive but i still cant get that far on it LOL