Saturday, 7 July 2007

Casual Dress!!??

Today we went to an up-market, sleepy seaside town to get little'uns glasses fixed. He likes to bend them to take them off instead of slipping them off and now they are totally shagged!

The plan was; park in the supermarket car park and I'd go to the shop and get some groceries while he went with his mum to the optician. We would then meet up at the phone box by the car park. This was his incentive to behave, good boys get to play in the phone box after their glasses are fixed!?!

I got finished first, parked my arse on the bench next to the phone box and settled down to a bit of people watching while I waited. Something was very clear about the people in the town apart from the obvious prosperity every other person seemed to have ginger hair. I've never seen anything like it, it was like I'd walked into the middle of a ginger convention!

Something else struck me about this copper-topped edge of suburbia, rich people have a real problem with clothes. Not your average run of the mill clothes, I expect they look very smart in their suit for work or evening dress for entertaining, but they can't do casual! Especially the men! It's like they think to themselves (or are told) buy some sandals or loafers, shorts, a short sleeved shirt, a hat and you'll be well away. Nobody seems to have told them that the shirt doesn't have to have buttons, a collar and be ironed within an inch of it's life! Or the shorts can be longer than hot pants, don't need a belt or a crease up the front! The hat has to look like you are comfortable wearing it not just buy it because it has a 'label' and it looked cool on the teenager who sold it to you. And lastly but possibly most importantly if you have to wear socks with sandals or loafers never, ever pull them up to just below your knees! Not one of them looked comfortable in dress down!

There was a lot of bling on show and the cars were very flashy and usually 4x4! In fact one elderly lady went past in one of those disabled buggy type thingies and that even had alloys! An old lady sat next to me and we (because we are English) talked about the weather, I glanced at her hair, ginger rinse!

It was about time we got out of here and just on cue batman emerged from the optician and entered the phone box!!? He wasn't in there long as he needed the toilet. As we drove away I noticed the ginger people peering into the car, I sped off not looking back!!


DJ Kirkby said...

I could cope with them peering into the car, I started to panic when they rattled the car door handle. I think the old lady was supposed to lull you into a flase sense of security while I was distracted by number 3 son in the phone box!

Kahless said...

I cant bear the Jesus sandals look, especially with socks. Whats the point?

DJ Kirkby said...

I've done a food meme over at my blog and although I don't dare tag you this time (still exhausted from the lashings gave me last time as 'punishment')but I do think you should write a post about food...argh damn I've gone and done it, tagged you...inadvertantly tagged you! (I say hastily in my defence!)

SpanishGoth said...

Gadzooks - sounds like surburban hell.

What was Batman doing in the toilet though?

Superheroes - who needs them?!

her indoors said...

the ginger head town, how interesting, wonder if all ginger haired people originate from there! got 3 siblings, 2 are ginger, got 6 nieces/nephews 3 are ginger eek, when me son grew a beard it were ginger eek!
ooh got to level 40 on the quiz!!!

Chopski said...

How sad am i?
I woke up this morning and had it in my head that I'd written batman went in the phone box when it was obviously superman! I was going to attone for my error before anyone noticed but it looks like Spanish Goth got there first, well spotted!!
HI; You need to leave that quiz alone or it will all end in tears!

Chopski said...

PS. DJ.......THANKS!!

creative-type dad said...

Sandals with socks? Noooooo!

If you did that here in L.A. you'd get arrested.

Queen Vixen said...

There is never a good time to wear sandals sans socks or otherwise. They look terrible. Sorry guys - but sandals just dont work. Neither do those shorts that you described. The hot pants look on any man is not good, but once the fella has passed the big 40 it is an offense against humanity.

Queen Vixen said...

A well groomed gay man can do the hot pants on reflection, but as a general rule ...NO!