Monday, 2 July 2007

Spam!! (I think)

Right! I got this in my email inbox this morning not from anyone I know, which was nice! Somebody trying to tell me something? Well we did go swimming yesterday and I did get changed in public changing room but I never left my email address anywhere!

On a brighter note, went out for a curry last night. I have soooooo much I want to say about the restaurant but am biting my tongue!

No, sorry I can't bite my tongue! The owner was a cock, the place was full of sea men and when I tried to turn the light on in the toilet I knew there was a switch there somewhere but was buggered if I could find it! The service was crap, when I asked where the food was the waiter said if i could hold on for a bit it would be coming soon! Have to stop now as the innuendo light on my PC is up to DANGER!!


Pixie said...

Hot twat anyone, with a side of .... no stop there, just don't go any further.

dysnomia said...

oh Lord.
What to say? Where to start?!

Will stop before I begin in case laptop explodes.

her indoors said...

LOL bloody LOL

DJ Kirkby said...

Well that's a relief! I wondered what that Vagina withdrawl was for on our bank statement! You usualy make deposits...

Ice said...

hahahahha @ your vagina sign find.

...and of course your write up ;)

Thanks for the visit, hope you come back real soon!

~ Ice :)

Queen Vixen said...

Funny! dj too! Fancy fannying about in there. Inuendo's positivly oozing out as you say

Lady in red said...

I think I should go there see if I can find a nice dish

where did you say it is?