Friday, 29 June 2007

Acronym and initialism

We are on strike today (don't get me started on that!) so I have some spare time to catch up on some 'Blurffing'. That is if I don't get distracted by my eldest whom, for reasons known only to him, turned up sometime last night. We weren't expecting him and the first I knew he was home was when I saw his trainers on the shoe rack. I will probably be entertained with some tale of woe when he crawls out of bed!

When I was on Queen Vixens blog (see blogs I like) it made me chuckle when she said her sons friends referred to her as MILF!

Got me thinking about what acronym my kids might use to describe me. After a lot of thought I came up with Dad I'd Like to Disappear Often or DILDO. I'm sure I've heard them calling me that before anyway!

My boys seem to be embarrassed by my behaviour and I don't get it? What's wrong with dropping him off at school waiting until he catches up with his friends then running out of the car shouting that he forgot to kiss me goodbye? Or frisking his friends while wearing 'marigolds' before they come into the house in case they are hiding 'squirty cream' which they've done before? They wont even let me take them to the surgery anymore after a visit to the doctor with a sons errant verruca. The GP coughed and I told him "best you see a doctor about that!". He smiled and my son groaned out loud.

I'd much rather be a DILF but guess I'm definitely a DILDO!!


DJ Kirkby said...

Lol! Very funny and very true...Just in case your readers thought you were joking...

her indoors said...

LOL, fancy admiting to being a DILDO! in the words of 4Dinners i will go with DILLIGAF, (does it look like i give a f***) DILLIGAF use it all the time better than 'am i bovered'

Chopski said...

DILLIGAF! I like that! It will probably get an airing over the weekend!
You don't like DILDO? I'm getting good vibes!! ;)

Pixie said...

It is your job to be an embarresment, even if i can't spell it!

Otherwise how would our children cope, if they didn't have to protect themslves form our gaffes they'd be unbearable little prigs.

so you carry on, after all if you don't think you're being a knob, who else is to judge you!

DJ Kirkby said...

I hope you don't need to be told that with your 6f3 of green eyed gorgeousness, you are def a DILF! Yum...

Kahless said...

Ivana (lol!)
I wonder if you can help me?
When I am writing a post and want to put a link in the middle of it, what I do is type the url. How can I make it that the url is still there as a link, but different words appear in the post. eg. If i want the word Ivana to appear ;-) and the link behind it is

Hoping you can help; I've seen others do it.

Chopski said...

P; I take my job very seriously!

DJ; Thanks hon!

K; Sorry, would love to help but have no idea! I did it once, instantly forgot how and now whatever I try cant do it again! :(

Kahless said...

Yeh, just worked it out.!!! I assume you want to know.
write the url in the post as normal
then go to the html tab. Replace the bit between > and < with what text you want to appear. Yeh!!!

Make sure you insert in the crocodile symbols that are as stated above, not the other way round; they appear second.


Chopski said...

Thanks Kahless, I'm sure thats not how I managed to do it so it must have been a fluke. No wonder I couldn't remember how to do it!!

Lady in red said...

I kept coming across MILF but had no idea what it meant until I asked a male friend.......then it became obvious and I am sure if DJ thinks so then you must be a DILF