Monday, 4 June 2007

The Yeti

The Yeti signed for the duty next to mine a couple of weeks ago, this means his work station is next to mine, I cant see him but can certainly hear him! He is 'The Yeti' because he is large and hairy. Well, a large body, barrel like supported by little legs, Christ knows how they hold him up! Hairy! Yes, very hairy, he comes to work in the morning clean shaven and goes home at lunch time with a full beard! He's often late in the mornings, I think it's because he has a shower then spends half an hour shovelling body hair out of the plug hole! I've no idea how old he is, somewhere between 20 and 200 at a guess.

That aside The Yeti is getting on my tits! Everyone said he would but I had to give him the benefit of doubt. He blew it! It's not because he's fat and hairy or because he's lazy, loud and stupid! It's not even because he is opinionated, I don't mind that at all, someone else to argue with, it's because he cant think for himself! GRRRRRR!

Last week for example he told one person he thought the new spiderman movie was crap and when someone else said they loved it all of a sudden he loved it too! When Big Brother started he was joining in chatting about it and when one of his friends said it was crap he said he never watched it! I have to listen to all this bullshit!

Anyway, today he redeemed himself, temporarily! I heard him tell someone that he spent all of yesterday morning playing tennis. That impressed me a bit fat hairy man playing tennis in all that heat and humidity all morning. Well done I thought and a little later I told him so.
"You must be fit." I said.
"Do what?"
"Fit! It was very hot and humid yesterday!"
"What the fuck are you talking about?"
"Yesterday! You playing tennis all morning in the heat and....."
"No Bruv, that was an online game. I never left my couch all weekend!"
Useless fat, hairy, lazy, loud, stupid and opinionated twat!!

PS Bruv? What the fuck is that all about? Wanker!

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Lady in red said...

perhaps he holds you in such high esteem he wants you to be his bruvva