Tuesday, 5 June 2007

The Alien

The Yeti seems to have brought his entourage with him, friends who hang around talking of defeating wizards with magic potions and the like. One such fellow is The Alien and today I found out the origins of his name.

It appears he used to work the night shift at local supermarket and one night had a row with his boss. He then stormed off in a huff finding refuge in the car park. Unwisely he sat down, made himself comfortable then fell asleep. He woke up four hours later and, knowing he would be in the shit and probably fired when he went back to work he formulated a plan. He came up with a story that they couldn't disprove and therefore were unable to sack him. He told them that he had been abducted by aliens and couldn't get back to work. Hence his name!

It seems no one believed his story! Well, dear reader, I do! You only have to look at the bloke and talk to him to realise they performed a frontal lobotomy and gave him a good probing!


her indoors said...

was he on drugs! think they should have had him committed, mind you I might try that excuse sometime, wonder what the reaction would be mmmmm could be fun!

Chopski said...

I think he's been committed and run away. Strangely he fits in quite well in our office!!