Saturday, 16 June 2007

Q;What do you call a gingerbread man (I'm not sure if that's allowed any more, think it might have to be gingerbread person. Bollocks to it!) with one leg?

A; Limp biscuit!

Not a great joke I know but it's getting a bit like that in our house. Heather's been limping about for ever since she kicked the wall in the garden. Middle son ('I forgot I was walking down the stairs until I fell') fell down the stairs and had a tasty bruise on his knee. Now today is my turn! I stepped off the kerb while working and turned my ankle, ouch or some such words! All the time I was walking I was fine but thought I'd better put it in the accident book at work just in case. The accident book has been replaced by the computer and none of the managers at work had any idea how to file the report. I did most of it! It took over half an hour and in which time, due to inactivity my ankle was twice its normal size!

So now we are all limping around the house like Muppet's. Silver lining? Might not be able to go to work on Monday, fingers crossed!


DJ Kirkby said...

Just think of all the time you wasted kicking garden concrete, trying to replicate the toe injury (in a blatant attempt to obtain a reason for a skive off work) when all you had to do was simply step off a curb without paying attention to where your foot was going to land.

dysnomia said...

Youch... you poor lot! Did you make it to work?

Chopski said...

The boy's back to school and I, unfortunately am back to work. Heather is still off work with her foot (she has to keep it with her at all times!) but they have her working from home from tommorrow. She's thrilled!
Thanks for asking.

phoenix said...

Rubbish.and not even a day off work to show for it!!

Chopski said...

Hi phoenix, saving my sick days 'till the sun shines!!