Tuesday, 19 June 2007

OK, where do they get it from? Kids and their delaying tactics! Do they sit on the playground and discuss this stuff?

Youngest used to go to bed shut his eyes then go to sleep. Well not always straight away but he would lay there quietly then drop off.

Now a huge change has occurred!

Now he has built up a repertoire to delay bedtime:

  • I need a wee!

  • I need a drink!

  • I'm too hot!

  • I'm too cold!

  • I want the door shut!

  • I want the door open!

  • I want the light off!

  • I want the light on!

  • There is a fly in my room!

We have to have a whole routine now to make sure all these items have been accommodated before he gets a kiss goodnight. Then he goes to school and comes home with another one!

I'm babysitting tomorrow so the next one best be good!!


DJ Kirkby said...

Good luck for tonight. I expect he will be an angel for you so to occupy your time I have tagged you in a music challenge, details are on my blog.

Pixie said...

your woman is obsessed about tagging the entire universe!

Try making bed time an hour earlier so you get to sit down at the right time with your glass in your hand. He'll never notice ... much!


Chopski said...

DJ; He was an angel though I did have to read the poo book and got a word wrong!!

PX; If we put him to bed an hour earlier he'll have to take his supper with him! I don't use a glass anymore, got a hip flask!!

Queen Vixen said...

Hi Chopski - kids! Dont you just love 'em.

It gets no easier - when they are older its excuses about getting off the lap top.

Chopski said...

Q V; Hi! I,ve got a 17 year old who has 1001 excuses for not phoning me back!!!

Lady in red said...

my 15yr old just has to do his h/w on the computer just at bed time even if hes been on the pc for 5 hours already