Sunday, 10 June 2007

Peace at last!!

All the neighbours are away!
The people next door have moved the 'camper van' which took up four parking spaces and have we presume gone camping. This means no rave music or barking dogs!
Number 13 are also very quiet, probably gone to Strangeways to visit family. This means no naked kids running around screaming and shouting and no obscenities from the parents!
The guy next door has gone away too but before he went the bastard cut down the tree at the end of his garden that obscured the view of the trains! Grrrr!
It's very quiet! Apart from the trains!
We took advantage last night and sat in the garden drinking wine until midnight. It was lovely! We drank a bit more than we should have and this morning I have a thick head! Youngest got up at 6, Fuck! Luckily Heather got up with him while I stayed in bed! He tried to be quiet but 'couldn't hear the television over the sound of a fly buzzing!'??? I did the right thing and put my head under the pillow and went back to sleep!
His dad's round for a visit this morning, Dick Head! Gotta go now while her backs turned. If she insists on making him tea the least I can do is spit in it!!

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Lady in red said...

I couldn't imagine giving my ex tea