Saturday, 9 June 2007

Am I a racist?

I wanted to comment on the new Big Brother racist row but don't know if I'm qualified as Heather tells me often that I am a racist! This goes back to one incident 15 years ago (so look out Emily you never lose your tag!) and the drink made me do it! Judge for yourselves, racist or not?

People who start a sentence with 'I'm not a racist but......' to my mind generally are but to buck the trend;

My eldest was at nursery and made a friend with another boy there. His parents invited us to a Christmas party so the boys could play together and we could have a beer. We went along, getting there early so the boys could play, the mums sat in the lounge chatting and I got to know the dad. He was in the Navy, submarines to be exact, and was a chef and Welsh. He was preparing food so I sat at the breakfast bar watching him work, listening to him (I couldn't get a word in edge ways if I wanted) and got slowly drunk on the bottles of beer he kept pushing in front of me. He was a nice bloke and made me feel very welcome so, when there was a gap in his monologue, I told him.

'You are a very nice man and have made me feel very welcome!' I slurred to him. 'Welshmen have a reputation for hating the English and you are nothing like that' I continued. 'I used to know this Welsh guy who always used to go on about how great Wales was and how shit England was'. I was on a roll now! 'I'm not racist but; why do people come to this country slag it off then want to change it to resemble there own? Why not stay in their own bloody country?'He nodded which I took to be in agreement so carried on.'And do you know what really winds me up?' He shook his head.'The bloody stickers he had in his car! You know the ones that say I love Wales but not even in English! In bloody Welsh!

The doorbell rang at this point and he rushed off. I took more beer (like I needed it!), some food and hid in the corner in a comfy chair rat arsed. I suddenly sobered up and decided we had to leave! Our host was handing out nibbles on a tray and had taken his jumper off to reveal a large tattoo on his forearm. A large dragon and written underneath I LOVE CYMRU.

Shit! We were never invited back, wonder why?

So, am I a racist? You decide!


DJ Kirkby said...

Well...maybe not a racist...but defintly a Welshist!

Chopski said...

I love the Welsh! They are so considerate; they have road signs in English and they translate them for dyslexics!

Pixie said...

making it more global than Wales, as if that's possible!

In the little town i find myself living in we have had a huge furore over a GOllY.
this guy had one tied on to the front of his landrover. The police raided and removed said Golly.

And now the local paper is full of absoulute shite about this blokes rights.

With people saying the Golly is not a racist symbol.... pleease

That's the trouble with living in a parochial backwater. ignorance at every turn....

Just get me out of here:)

And I'm going to be well behaved and not write anything nasty about the Welsh, only cause I don't want the thought police after me.

Chopski said...

I visited Virginia on holiday a few years ago and noticed statues of little boys adorning the lawns of the large posh houses. Apparently these used to be black (the N word was used) boys but when that became un-pc instead of removing them they painted them white!!??
That makes it ok?
Wouldn't work with a Golly!!

dysnomia said...

The only thing I have against the Welsh is that, living fairly close to the border, my car radio occasionally picks up a Welsh language radio station and clings onto it. With no prior warning or apparent desire to change back.

And the sheep, of course. They're creepy.

Not racist, certainly. Am I sheepist?

Chopski said...

I don't think you're sheepist but hey, don't let me pull the wool over your eyes!!