Monday, 11 June 2007


I've been snotty and sneezing all day!

My eyes are so itchy I want rip them out and dip them in yogurt!

I've got a disgusting rash all up my legs and over my feet!

I'm sweating like a erm..... a very sweaty thing that's stuck in a sauna set to HOT!!


I drove into the back of a car this morning! The driver got out, he was a Dwarf.

He said 'I'm not happy!'

I said 'So which one are you?'


Pixie said...

Very droll!

if you think you're having it bad, I've just got in from a 6 mile walk up and down dale. And I'm sweaty!!!!
Nasty thought, maybe a shower would be in order before i inflict myself on other people.px

Chopski said...

MMMMMMMM! a sweaty pixie!!

SpanishGoth said...

Reminds of a crash where the driver said "Well I pushed the Turbo boost button, but it didn't make the car fly like KITT".

Lady in red said...

when my car got hit 4 days after I bought it the man that did it said .....this junction is always bad for parked cars so you cant see the traffic coming!!!

In that case why wasn't he more careful and stop when I did grrrrr