Wednesday, 2 May 2007


Ever looked at specialist magazines? I was looking today at Practical Caravan and was wondering is there a magazine called Impractical Caravan? Also you can buy Practical Nursing! What the fuck? Is there Impractical Nursing? And while we are on the subject of nurses, why do I always have to see the practice nurse at my surgery? Why cant I see the fully trained one? I pay my taxes! Is it because I don't go private? Bet they don't have to put up with the fucking trainee! I wouldn't hate rich people so much if they gave me their money!!


Anonymous said...

Soooo true, you are a scream oh son the comedien, hmmm did I just spell it the French way oh well....
In Canada we LPNs. Licensed practical nurses. Would that make you feel better hee hee.
me again

Lady in red said...

but don't you know they have to practice on someone and I would rather it was you than me he he