Thursday, 3 May 2007


Feeling chuffed today, managed to add an extra 4 usb ports on the spare computer so we could use the wireless Internet connection and guess what? The thing only fucking worked!! Go me! Go me!
I'm getting quite perturbed about the price of petrol lately as it seems to be creeping upwards very quickly again! I needed to fill up today and was going to stop at the petrol station near our house and noticed the price was 93.9 a litre, I wasn't paying that much so drove on. When I got to the cheapy petrol station it was 92.9 a litre but the queue was huge I was getting late so pressed on. A little while down the road the fuel light came on and that annoying little fucking beep noise cut through me like a, a, umm, little fucking beep noise! I had to stop at the next petrol station, great! 97.9 a litre! Somebody up-there, where ever that is really, really, really hates me!!!


Anonymous said...

Dear Son!

Our gas (petrol) now cost $1.28 a liter and creeping upwards ever and on. Yet we are the enxt province to alberta oil capital of North America. sigh. We all had a fit when it hit a dollar now like sheep we jsut go alone with nary a baaaa!


Lady in red said...

yesterday i drove past my nearest petrol station which is currently selling at 93.9p across town to asda for their fuel which is 91.9p only to find I had forgotten they are refurbishing it this week it was all fenced off with diggers doing their worst.