Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Tuesday (on Wednesday)

Went to the supermarket, not my favorite thing! I hate the checkout, they ask you if you want a hand with the packing and if you say no they take it personally. They then make it their number one aim in life to fire the goods down at you as fast as they can to try and prove you cant cope without their help. It doesn't matter if they scan it or not so long as they are sat with a smug fucking grin on their face, drumming their fingers on the side of the till in triumph while you fight to pack a mountain of goods into the two carrier bags they have given you, both by the way with broken handles! Let them pack? No way! That's a hundred times worse, might as well get a shovel and a couple of bin bags the care and attention that goes into their packing!
It may seem like checkouts are my number one hate at the supermarket but no! Not by a long chalk, they fall a long way behind the carpark! People who drive in supermarket carparks lose all their road sense, it's like they drive through a port hole where all the rules of the road can and must be ignored. No entry means drive in, zebra crossings signal park here or speed up depending on your mood and the direction arrows on the road mean absolutely fuck all! One car can and should span as many parking bays as possible, this pisses people off and leaves a space to dump their trolley and child spaces are to be used by one and all. So long as you have a child in the car with you it doesn't mater that he is 55 years old he is someones child, dick for brains! Grrrrr!! supermarket car parks!


Anonymous said...

how's thsi for a car park stopry...
one senile very anceitn lady driove out of ehr parking space down the lane through the stop sign at the end and kept going hitting the sidewalk in fornt of our huge supermarket. pedestrians leaping out of the way like chicks flying form a raccoon.
An ambulance, fire truck and police car arrived on the scene sirens and lights going full tilt. It if hadn't been a heart attack or a stroke that would do it. She was unhurt jsut very shaky and confused. sone complete with pot belly and side butns flipped over top of blad spot arrived and drove ancient mom and badly dented car away.

Lady in red said...

I get asked if I need a hand packing even if I only have a few things. I usually smile and say I should be able to manage. but half way through I find they are packing anyway, which is fine but they don't 'do it my way'