Friday, 25 May 2007

The twilight zone!

I had to go into the city today to buy a pair of gloves from a Naval outfitters so volunteered to get the groceries on the way home. Why can't I hold my tongue?

I could feel the air getting thinner as I got closer to the store and as I drew up into the car park I felt my body pass through the porthole into an alien world! A world full of women wearing very little clothing over scarily white skin covered in tattoos. A world where children are called, git, brat and little bastard. A world where a 6 foot 3, 200lb guy (me) becomes invisible and is bashed, pushed and jostled without a 'by you leave'. A world where my car has disguised itself as a trolley park, doing such a good job half a dozen shopping trolleys are scattered around it when I go to leave!

I'm not good at shopping and this I believe is because I use a list, buying what it says on said list. When Heather takes a list she uses it as a guide and she comes home with a variety of goodies and whatever was on the list. Consequently if something is missed off the list when I shop it doesn't get bought but with Heather if it isn't bought usually there is something similar as a stand by!

Well, my head is thumping but I think I bought enough to keep us going until Monday and I'm off on Tuesday so I can always make another trip into the twilight zone!


DJ Kirkby said...

This made me laugh till I cried! I like the changes you've made to your blog too. And now that I have finsihed lulling you into a flase sense of security by saying nice things to you I just have 3 more words... TAG! YOU'RE IT!

Lainey-Paney said...

I'm seriously frightened by your grocery stores then.

My grocery shopping experience is NOTHING like that., granted....I am a woman...
but still.

lady macleod said...

Brilliant description of the market. I love shopping for anything but food.

You were nice enough to visit me, so I thought I would come over and look about. I am glad I did. This is funny stuff, and I am reading it while the kitten tries to eat my toes so you know it's good!

lady macleod said...

and oh my! Thank you for listing me under "Blogs I like". I appreciate that, very kind.

Lady in red said...

I'm glad I use a different supermarket