Thursday, 24 May 2007

Thick head and dehydrated!!

I wrote two posts yesterday and answered the tag. I published the tag answers and thought I had deleted the posts! This morning, amazingly, due to my fragile nature, I found them both and they are now published! I've gone from 3 posts in a week to 3 in a day, that wont last long!!

We had friends around last night, should have been last week but due to pressures of work etc blahdy blah... it ended up being last night. It was almost 9 when they got here (30 minutes past my bedtime!) because they had stopped to buy a Chinese take-away. Me and the girlfriend (cant keep calling her that) me and Heather (that's nicer isn't it?) had eaten earlier and weren't hungry not, that is, until the food arrived! We munched our way through cartons of food and polished off the 3 bottles of rose' that Heather had bought earlier! Me and the Silver Fox were encouraged to go to the late night store for more wine (we nearly didn't go as SF had a slight disagreement with his better half Sox, who wasn't happy he wouldn't put on shoes when we went outside). We were berated when we returned with only one bottle though I think that was a good move on my part considering how I feel this morning!
We had a really nice time, we always do when we hang out together, though we always drink far too much! They left around midnight then, after finding the bed, I was comatose until 3:30. I woke in a desperate need to urinate and to take on fluids. I was so de-hydrated that my top lip had disappeared and had tucked itself up somewhere under my forehead. It took a pint and a half of water before it even started to work its way south and a further pint before it started to resemble a lip! I used the toilet then got back into bed to find the H20 that I had just poured into my body was rebelling and was pouring out again, literally! I was sweating so much it was obscene, I don't get that wet in the shower for god sake! Somehow I managed to go back to sleep, a sleep full of dreams about goose fat and oranges (a story for another day) and woke when the youngest got into bed with me for a hug.
I had to feel the back of my head to check that my skull was intact as part of it seemed to be missing and my stomach didn't feel at all well! After a trip to the bathroom and buckets of sweet tea I decided to write this. If none of it makes sense I don't really care and am going back to bed! Night!!


Anonymous said...

Lol... what can I say except lol... we told you two men that you were drinking most of the wine but would you believe us? Nooooo....

Lady in red said...

gawd I have to get up fr the bathroom most nights sometimes twice and it seems worst when I have drunk less.