Saturday, 26 May 2007

Blogging, out of the closet!!

Blogging is still quite new and alien to me, sneaking a peak into someones private life then vanishing to pry on my next victim. I sort of felt uncomfortable leaving a comment which was a bit bizarre as everyone (well most) has a comments link! I can only describe it like being sat alone in a bar next to a group of friends having a conversation, you have something interesting (well you think it's interesting) to add but wont chip in with your thoughts because of your perceived reaction. Well yesterday I looked a lot of blogs and, on a few I left my mark. I enjoyed myself!

Today when I looked at my blog 3 people had left comments and I was thrilled! I would like to thank DJ Kirkby, Lainey-Paney and lady macleod for commenting on my blog, it made my day! Perhaps now I can loosen up a bit, nudge the guy at the end of the bar and chip in with me five pennies worth!!

1 comment:

Lady in red said...

I love to leave comments but sometimes I read appreciate but have nothing to say so dont