Sunday, 4 July 2010

I need answers!

I like to answer the bee questions, it's a bit of fun and you make friends. This saves me from latching on to random strangers in the street and following them home. Sometimes they tell the police I'm not their friend and this can become embarrassing.
One thing though, it would be cool if I knew the answer people gave to the bees as I have some questions I would really like the answer to.
Here's a couple; when buying a book on the Internet would you rather have free postage or a discount and pay for the postage? If you knew someone selling something you wanted would you buy it from them even if you had to pay slightly more than if you bought it from a large retailer?
I have an idea in my head that won't go away and I have hundreds of bloody questions but I will stick with these two for the moment. Anyone who has an opinion please leave a comment.Ta!


Dave Bartlett said...

First question: Obviously, I'd have to first weigh up how much the free postage was worth, and if the value exceeded the discount offered or not.
Also, if the discount was on 'future purchases' I'd go for the free postage, since I detest mechanisms designed just to make me shop again.
However if the value of free postage equated to the same as the amount discounted, I'd probably go for the free postage. Often when I buy something online, I'll get impatient waiting for it, and upgrade my post & packing option, spending more money that I never intended to in the first place. Free postage removes that temptation.

Second Question: Hell no! friends are friends but business is business. If it's cheaper retail then I'll buy it retail. I get some kind of protection buying retail, just in case what I've got turns out to be a turkey. If that situation arose when I'd bought from a friend, we might just end up falling out over it.

Chopper said...

Dave: I'm with you on the postage, I feel ripped off when I buy something and get to the checkout to find I have to pay more.
The second one is not so cut and dry for me though I can see the pitfalls if things go tits up!