Thursday, 5 March 2009


I've just been sorting out the food for dinner, we are having pork chops. I bought some green beans to go with them and was tipping them in the pan when I noticed on the bag it said 'wash before use'. Well I had a bath about an hour before do you think this will suffice?

On another topic completely I went to the barbers today (my barber is great, he doesn't talk to anyone but just grunts!) and noticed a bottle of liquid on the side. This bottle was oddly labeled Barbercide! Is this what he has to drink if he fucks up your haircut?


nitebyrd said...

LOL! Chopper, if you don't make it as a writer, you could become a stand-up comedian.

I finished your book and LOVED IT!

I'll definitely be doing a review. I need to check Amazon US again to see if it's there yet.

Chopper said...

N; I quite fancy stand up but doing it in front of an audience is a bit of a barrier!

I'm glad you liked the book especially as you had to wait so long for it. You can get on Amazon US.

Troy said...

You were lucky it just said wash rather than stand in boiling water for ten minutes.

Chopper said...

T; How do you think I defrosted the chops?