Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Four from the bottom!

Now I've been tagged by Tom Foolery to do something that was a bit difficult for me. Firstly because I had to follow instructions (like that's going to happen) then I had to dig out my fourth photo album. Like I've got photo albums 1-3? I don't take the photos mainly because I'm inept and I can't work the camera. Why do they make it so difficult? I just want to point it and press the button but by the time you sort out all the settings it's bloody dark and everyone's gone home. So rather than let her down my trusty mobile phone came to the rescue. I now and again take the odd picture on my phone and after my boys bought me a gadget for Christmas I can load them onto my computer. Now we had two choices she could have one 4 from the top of the list which was a picture from the window of the toilet at work. Not as bad as you may think, a view of the Guildhall and the train station but I plumped for the one 4 from the bottom which I took from the car as I was waiting to go into the dump!
Electricity from the landfill methane? No shit!

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Holy Shit! That's my kind of image :) Thanks for playing TFx