Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Am I Santa?

I usually get a bit peckish on delivery but have found this week a bit of a revelation. Kids all around my delivery have been putting food out for me to help me get round in this freezing cold weather. They all seem very health conscious which isn't really a problem to me but a bit of variety might be nice. Why do they all leave me carrots? They go to a lot of trouble rolling a mixture of snow, grass, earth and dog shit into a ball shape then put a smaller one on top. This is where they kindly display the carrot. One smart arse left me liquorice, which I'm quite partial to, but it didn't half taste like coal!

So; thanks to all the kids out there looking out for my welfare but next time it snows try leaving a pasty!

PS. TF I haven't forgotten.



Good man. Plenty for you to stuff your face with over at my place if your tummy is rumbling. Could get a barrel of beer in for you I guess :O TFx

nitebyrd said...

OMG! Chopper, you are too funny! LOL

Troy said...

New PO Stationery has just been printed:-
"We couldn't get a reply when we tried to deliver your mail but we've left it with the big fat white guy with the orange nose in your front garden"

Carol and Chris said...

Just been catching up on DJ's blog....


you make a fab couple and I know that you are going to get your 'happy ever after'

C x

Chopper said...

TF; I'm off the ale at the moment and I'm not happy!

N; :)

T; I wouldn't be suprised!

C+C; Thanks for that.