Sunday, 25 January 2009

Self Promotion-ish

For those of you who are observant you will have noticed that I have put a link on the side bar to Amazon where my book is for sale. Well it is for sale but at the moment unavailable. It appears to be available at The Book Depository though they do say it was first published in 1970 which did come as a bit of a shock! I notified them of their error and they seem happy to ignore me.

Anyway I'm in the process of getting ready for the launch tomorrow night. I've noted all the emergency exits for a speedy getaway and found a couple of great hiding places. So to those of you coming tomorrow I'm looking forward to seeing you there, that is if you can find me.

I've selected a few words at random from my speech just as a small taster; buy My book it's Good!


Lady in red said...

just on my way to have a look see where it is in day light and the best place to park so the old lady wont have far to walk.

Hiding no chance!

Dave said...

The self-promotion-ish worked. I shall be getting your book from The Book Depository (which is where I got DJ's from).
Glad you enjoyed Bromley Boys and apologies for the Pompey faux pas. If they ever publish a second edition, I'll change it to Carlisle or something.

Chopper said...

LinR; Lets hope the weather is a bit better tomorrow night just in case you have to walk!

D; I hope you enjoy the book and I have a feeling if Portsmouth don't start hitting some form it won't be long before they are playing non-league football!

Lady in red said...

I found it! good thing those traffic lights were on red or I would have missed it. The walking doesnt bother me but mum still cant walk far wihout it causing her pain.

see ya both tomorrow

Troy said...

Will emergency oxygen masks fall from the ceiling?