Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Mixed bag sort of day.

The day started well as my book was delivered at 7:45 this morning. It nearly wasn't as I didn't hear the door knock but was lucky enough to see the card the courier had left on the mat and chase him up the street. Chase him barefoot, kicking rubbish everywhere (it's bin day!) and blocking his departure until he handed over the box. So now I have the book in time for the launch on Monday. You can't buy it anywhere yet, that is unless you buy it from me and I've got a front room full of them!

It went a bit sour after that as I had a trip to the doctors. I've been referred to dermatology again and it's looking more likely that they are going to cut more chunks off my face. People make sure you wear your hats and sunscreen!

Then as lunch was approaching I was off to do something I wasn't looking forward too. Something I'd regretted agreeing to do ever since, in a moment of madness I agreed to do. I was being interviewed on local radio. Conversation is not really my strong point and talking about myself would come a close second. The interviewer hadn't arrived at the agreed time so I gave him 30 seconds grace and then I was going home, damn if he didn't get there with 2 seconds to spare. So I did it, I sweated and grunted my way through 60 minutes of torture. I got bitten by a dog at work yesterday and I'm not sure what was more painful. I think it fair to say I will not be listening when they air it on Tuesday night.

That is far too much excitement for one day. I wonder if, when I pick #3 son up from school in a minute, I could convince him that we should lay down and have a nap? Probably not!


Casdok said...

Really good news about your book!

Hope you get your nap sounds like you need it!

Lady in red said...

I've been wanting to nap all day
glad you got your box of books

planning to starve the kids now so I can save the money to buy a copy ;)


Wake up sleepy head! ;-) TFx

(good news about the book delivery)

Troy said...

That's a relief. I'm sure Portsmouth is great (love the tower and ships) but I'd prefer to just travel the once to get both books. I don't think I've ever met two famous authors/radio stars at the same time before.

Chopper said...

C; Book and no nap!!

LinR; Book and no nap!!

TF; Book and no nap!!

T; My book was in Waterstones yesterday but I didn't actually take it out of my backpack.

Joe Stein said...

Maybe you should have taken the book out of the backpack and left it on one of the shelves. That would've confused 'em!
Still trying to find an available car with working brakes to get me there on Monday!

Trixie said...

BUGGER! Your book isn't actually available online yet...I have, however, asked Amazon to notify me when it is!!! Woohoo!!! Can't wait!

Chopper said...

J; I did think about it and if it was listed on Gardners I might have. Maybe next week!

T; Oddly enough if you were still in Oz you could buy a copy as it is available there!