Friday, 24 October 2008

Hanging with the ladies.

It's not been the best week this week and I was going to bemoan the fact here with such interesting topics as: work, the weather, stairs, tiredness, sore legs etc etc...

...but I wont!

This week I've been hanging out with the ladies on Tom Foolery's blog (I think Tom is a lady as she left a x on my comment). I entered a competition where you had to write a short story, no more than 30 sentences, based around 3 photographs. I won a prize! We all won a prize but more importantly I won a prize.

It's a personalised picture and looks very nice. It is a shame that I never win anything very manly but hey if you write smut in the guise of a woman what the hell do you expect?

PS Casdok did the judging on DJ's wordless Wednesday and I still got a mention all you people who reckon I sleep my way to the prize!

PPS Off to polish my trumpet!



Hang on a minute! Let me check. yep I'm definitely a woman. But.... I'm no lady.

Have a great weekend Mr Chopper :) TFx

DJ Kirkby said...

Congrats to you my love. Maybe you should start a comp on your blog?

Chopper said...

TF; Sorry that's the second time this week I've gotten confused between a woman and a lady!

DJ; Mmmm.... a competition that only I could win?!!?

Kahless said...

Is there no end to your talents?

nitebyrd said...

Chopper, you never fail to amaze. Congratulation on your prize!

Joe Stein said...

Listen, a prize is a prize. We all prize prizes and surprise, surprise, if I won a prize, you’d never prise it off me. So praise be for prizes for prose.

Chopper said...

K; No!

N; Thanks and thanks.

JS; You win first prize for the best tongue twister in this list of comments!