Saturday, 16 February 2008


Thanks for the get well wishes. I seem to be suffering from extremes at the moment; either too hot or too cold, wide awake then fast asleep or coughing for England or not at all! Here is a couple more extremes for you..........

Got paper .......................

Need paper!!


Casdok said...

Hope you are feeling better as am having a party over at my place! Your better half is also invited, so bring a bottle and some loo roll just in case!!

Kahless said...

*live from OT*
Who the fuck are man united
Who the fuck are man united
Who the fuck are man united
And the reds go marching on on on
*half time bliss*

Kahless said...

btw, there is some loo paper on the floor in the second toilet - whatever happened to recycling?

Chopski said...

C; Thanks. I'm always well prepared though as I always have a handkerchief in my pocket and carry a razor in cas I need a slash!

K; I watched the first half and didn't see you! I'm saying nothing until this evening because there have been too many upsets in the cup this season.
Good spot on the paper, maybe it was the wrapper from the chocolate bar?

Vi said...


just looking at that second one...



katy said...

i have a fear of running out of loo paper, so the first photo is just me!
the 2nd photo is why i have that fear!!!!!!
glad you are on the mend