Monday, 5 November 2007


A pissoem for Lady in Red.

Spiders by chopski.

With eight legs they're very quick and sometimes black and hairy
nutters think they're rather cute but me I think they're scary!

Look they say about the web and it's intricate design
but me I say keep them away and then we will be fine.

The Black Widow or Funnel Web can kill you with a nip
so never touch a spider that would be my tip.

I do not like to kill them but if I see one black and red
I'll be stamping on it's back 'till the bloody thing is dead!


DJ Kirkby said...

*applause* Your best one yet and about your least favorite topic!

her indoors said...

amazing these are all amazing, you really need to get a nice little book of these published it would be a sure best seller

Chopski said...

DJ; You know how I love those little Arachnids!!

HI; Thank you, got yours ready for tomorrow.

Lady in red said...

oh yes fabulous
and just so you know
im sending it to my beau

DJ Kirkby said...

Sweetie, HI is right, you could self publish them on Lulu into one of this mini books, you know like the ones I am always buying, 'Feng Shui for cats' 'The Goddess within', '40 is a 2 letter word' etc...

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

*note to self - If I ever meet chopper, not to turn up in a strappy top. He will jump up and down on my tatt of a red back spider!

Chopski said...

L in R; Good, hope he likes it too.

DJ; I'm not sure there is a market for my form of rhymery!?

Vi; You have a tattoo of a red back spider? Does it remind you of home?