Sunday, 14 October 2007


This week Ian Botham was Knighted by the Queen and well deserved I say. Not that I would condone everything that he got up too but hey, most people do something they regret now and then. When I was younger 'Beefy' was a hero of mine, a top class sportsman who would give his all for his sport and still be able to let his hair down. Just having him in your team would have been a bonus, even not on form it would have been like having an extra man. Then the charity walks, he raised a fortune when he could have been at home with his feet up!

So now to the reason for this post. I was listening to Sir Ian on the radio this week and he was asked about his cricket and whether his talent came naturally or whether he had to work at it. he had replied that he definitely had a talent but had to work hard to develop that talent into something special. He added that everyone has a talent they just have to find it then work on it.

Now, is this right? If you think you have a talent do you share it with others or keep it too yourself? Say for example you feel you have a talent for something, in your mind you are the greatest then you share it with others and they think your talent sucks. What then? You thought you were good at something and no-one else agrees so you find yourself talentless?

What if you haven't discovered your talent yet how do you go about unearthing it? how many stones are left unturned before you discover your forte' is crocheting rugs?

I hope you enjoyed this light reading for Sunday morning! Oh, and I actually know one of the men in the picture and it isn't the one in the middle!


Kahless said...

I am afraid I havent found my talent yet so I cant help you; not sure I have one to unearth.

I have 50:50 chance so I guess you know the man on the left!

Off on hols (to see England play Russia) so see you next weekend!

You hear the talented sportsmen all say it is hard work with talent that gets them where they are. Look at Anelka, he had talent but wasted.

Casdok said...

Im still looking for my talent to! So am still turning stones!
Whats yours?

her indoors said...

but that depends on whether the talent you have or think you have can be publically discussed ;-) LOL
so i would have to say i might have a telent but would have to heck with himself if he would like it to be general knowledge LOL

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

My talent is my business. I've got the gift of the gab, can convince people to do anything. lol

Now someone should have convinced Sir Ian to wear a monkey suit that fitted properly!

Chopski said...

K; See you do have a talent, being able to pick the right guy! Have a great trip and I hope they get the obligatory 3-0 win!

C; You have a talent, I've seen the rugs! Me, I'm still picking up rocks!

HI; Enough information already!!

Vi; I really can't believe you have the gift of the gab. I always saw you as an intrevert!

Lady in red said...

I have a talent......for picking te wrong men !!

Chopski said...

L in R; Don't we all?

jAMiE said... the others i'm still searching...i hope i find it soon.