Friday, 26 October 2007

Taking the Piss?!

Not had a post on here for a while about toilets and toileting issues so I think I better rectumfy that!

My mate at work (The Big Fella) has a three year old son who goes to the big toilet on his own. After having a wee he likes to wipe the end of his willy with a bit of toilet roll (his son that is though maybe he does too). Well actually he unfurls about a third of a roll, dabs the end of said appendage and fills the bowl up with tissue. TBF says to him "Son you only need to use a little bit not half the roll when you wipe your willy!" and his son agrees.

The next time the little boy heads for the toilet TBF sneaks up after him to check if he is doing as he is told. He hides behind the door and watches as his son takes a whizz and then starts to unfurl the toilet roll. He takes hold of the end of the roll wipes his willy then rolls it back up!

Now this is my advice to you; If you are in a strangers house and need to use the toilet and if you are using toilet roll discard the first few sheets as you never know where they have been!


Casdok said...

Good tip thank you!!!

DJ Kirkby said...

I thought 'ewwww' the first and 2nd time you told me this story!

Lady in red said...

I thought ewwww then thought I cant keep saying that so instead .......yuk

Pixie said...

Thank you so much for the advice, you never can tell nowdays what goes on behind closed doors

her indoors said...

omg that is ewwwwww and yuk!