Saturday, 6 October 2007


I wasn't going to talk about the strike and have been biting my tongue but now it's starting to hurt! I'm not militant and am not that keen on striking, work to rule would be just as effective to my mind and I wouldn't lose 4 days pay that I really can't afford to lose, but I feel I have to support the union on this one.

Say for example your employer wanted to make you work more and pay you less, change your hours at their whim, reduce your pension while making you work later in life because they took a 7 year holiday on the payments and can no longer fund it and at the same time give the boss £1,000,000 bonus would you be happy? They won't even tell us how much profit they made last year until the negotiations are over, why?

We are being slated for being "greedy bastards!" but we only want a fair days pay for a fair days work. The management want to get up at 4am and try carting half a dozen mail bags weighing 16 kilos for 4 hours in all weather for a month or so to take home £250 a week then tell us we are overpaid!

On Friday I was supposed to finish at 12:20 but had a van-load of parcels so stayed on past 13:30 to clear them so they weren't left in the office until next Wednesday. I had the radio on and people were ringing up and blasting us. We need support in our action and the management to get it in the ear. We are not lazy and greedy!
Sorry to get on my bandwagon, normal service will return next week!


DJ Kirkby said...

About time someone let the non-posties know what is really going on behind the scense! They way you are treated for what you get paid is shocking!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chopski;
I can sympathise with what you are facing and an effective pay package reduction. It looks like my employer is going to go down a similar route with my final salary pension. The pension funds that are in trouble are the ones where payment holidays were taken in the eighties.
It pisses me off too.

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

The only thing I'm missing from the post is my latest DVD from amazon (and my psychologies mag)

I can wait.

Lady in red said...

my family was hit badly by the postal strike in 1971. I can clearly remember going with my dad to London as he had to see Tom Jackson (I just tried to find a picture of him but couldn't, but I can still picture his face even now).

her indoors said...

behind you in this one Chopski, hope it gets sorted to the posties benefit soon, be strong mate

Chopski said...

DJ;Thanks for all your support hon!

Kah; Don't let the bastards grind you down!

Vi; If it's a dvd of the quarte-final of the 2007 rugby world cup I expect you can wait!

Sorry, but we never beat you at anything!! ;)

L in R; Sorry to hear that! Big guy, handlebar moustache?

HI; Thanks for that!!

Casdok said...

Im behind you!

J.J said...

Good luck with this dispute. Everytime I hear Adam Crozier on the radio I feel the urge to smack him.

Lady in red said...

thats the guy. That strike had a long lasting effect on my dad

MarmiteToasty said...

Do you think you could just sort through and suss and sort out the parcel I have sent to the States.... fanks :)


jAMiE said...

Good luck Chopski...hope it is sorted soon and you all get what you want/need!

Pixie said...

WE take our postmen and women far too much for granted. I know my postie Tony works bloody hard. And if your saying its all for £250 that's bloody awful pay.

Chopski said...

C; Thanks for that!

JJ; He's such a smarmy git!

L in R; I hope they can sort it soon or it's going to have a lasting effect on us. Can't see an end in sight though!

M; I love your dancing duck. First thing I'll do when I get to work is look for you parcel, promise!

J; Thanks for the support. How are you doing?

P; £250 take home on a flat week is crap isn't it?

MarmiteToasty said...



Chopski said...

You say Chicken! All I can see is Duck!?! ;]

Lady in red said...

so where is the turkey?

Queen Vixen said...

You got my vote Chopski. Our postie is great, he goes above and beyond the call of duty. Its a disgrace that you get paid so little.