Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Getting Old!!

Some things make me realise I'm getting old like; when the days seem to fly by and I've done 'nothing'! How my memory is totally crap apart from song lyrics from 1979 to 1985! My bladder lets me down when I sneeze or laugh a lot! I grow and shed hair at a rate of knots; when I got out of the bath today I thought one of the cats was being sucked down the plug-hole! My memory is totally crap apart from song lyrics from 1979 to 1985! I can't read the tv guide on the television screen without putting on my glasses or getting closer! I make involuntary noises when I bend down and when I get back up! I want to write to Jamie Oliver for using metal spoons in a non-stick pan (he's going to ruin them!).I'm sure there are a hundred more but my memory is totally crap apart from song lyrics from 1979 to 1985!

I can cope with all of these things, I think, but something nearly pushed me over the edge today when I dropped #3 son of at school. The lollipop lady was younger than me, younger by a lot! And, grrrrr, fucking grrrr; she made me wait while she stopped the traffic for me!

I wonder if I complain about her to the council I can get her the sack? Fuck, another 'getting old' sign!

PS. How come when I search for lollipop lady pictures I'm inundated with porn??


her indoors said...

LOL you old git you!
but i know how you feel :-(

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

Okay, maybe YOU should take on the lollipop lady if you are feeling THAT old, clearly she is too young for the positions and should duly be sacked!

DJ Kirkby said...

I think you must be hallucinating...all the lollipop ladies I've seen on the way to N3S's school are ancient, even older than us! Or else I am so blind I havent noticed!

Kahless said...

Dirty old bugger!

Pixie said...

sorry what did you say your name was dear... speak up I can't quite hear! lopski, did you say now that's a nice name.

Lady in red said...

don't you dare get old.....you are younger than me just!

Chopski said...

HI; Old Git, won't be the last time I get called that I'm sure!

Vi; I'm sharpening my walking stick as I speak!

DJ; She's the 'large' lady by the library. You know, the one with forty earings in each ear, chews gum with her mouth open and calls everyone babes. If anyones a babe it's her, Babe (pig in the city)!!

Sorry, rambling now!!

K; Thanks!

P; Turn it UP you deaf old bag!!

L in R; Ageing by the day!

Is there an e in ageing? Why is there no spel chek?

DJ Kirkby said...

I saw her this morning, yikes.