Sunday, 16 September 2007


They say 'everybody has a novel inside them', well that's crap in my case because I have loads inside me! I've started writing half a dozen, got bored, then moved on to the next one. That's why I like writing short stories, sit down for an afternoon and it's done. Not that any of these are any good it's just something I enjoy to do and find it therapeutic. I did send a few off to women's magazines with the hope of making a few quid but apart from the 'filth' they all got returned! DJ enjoys reading them so that's good enough for me.

Anyway, back to the novel! About four years ago I started writing a story with hopes of grandeur. It was going to be a bestseller and made into a film, I had even decided who was going to play the leads in Hollywood. Anyway this story has come out of my drawer at irregular intervals every since and it's still no nearer becoming a Blockbuster. I really can't get up any enthusiasm to finish it, I think this may be because all the time it's not finished I can daydream about it being a success but when it's done the bubble will burst! DJ keeps trying to get me to finish it as I know the ending and won't spill the beans. I think this is probably a bit selfish of me as she has read the 30,000 odd words I have written and has been left in limbo.

'Is there a point to this blog?' I hear you ask. Well yes actually there is DJ suggested start another blog and post a chapter a week of my story to give me the impetus to get it finished. If you fancy a read you can find it here E-Male and I'll post every Monday.

Finally; if Hugh Grant and Reese Witherspoon still read my blog make sure to keep your diary's free for the end of next year because I might be giving you a call!!


DJ Kirkby said...

Hurrah! At long last there is a glimmer of possiblity that i might get to find out the ending! you know I hate being kept in suspenders...*wink*

Kahless said...

Oooh errrr.

Or should I say Ooooh Arrrh Cantona!

I will check E-male out Chopski, but Hugh Grant?????? How about someone a bit more macho?

And what happened to you yesterday - I was hoping that you would take 3 points off the scousers. Him Indoors must have been refereeing. (did you know Mr Her Indoors was a ref btw?)

Chopski said...

DJ; you didn't look at the last page of Harry Potter now did you?

K;I like Hugh but will give it some thought.
The way I look at it is 6 points from 6 games and a point a game should keep us up. Don't set your hight too high, not with Pompey anyway!
I didn't know he was a ref, seems like a nice man! (Just joking HI!)

her indoors said...

will have to check it out tomorrow, got to wash that lovely black kit just now!!!!!!

her indoors said...

you made me jump then! you were typing at same time as me, off to bed and by the way shouldnt you be there at this time!

Chopski said...

I was putting the cat out on my way to bed!! lol!

Kahless said...

As requested I have posted on Lite something that you should be able to take the piss out of