Thursday, 23 August 2007

My Retirement Fund!!

Back to work this week after three weeks off and I'm not coping well with the return. My legs ache, my shoulders ache, my headaches and every time I stop moving I fall asleep. I've fallen asleep so many times on the couch this week I've swapped the cushions for my pillow! And, and, I've been in bed by ten every night! It's getting so bad that when I woke up at 3:30 this morning and realised I still had another hour in bed I was so excited I couldn't go back to sleep! I can't do this for another 21 years! Please god, NOOOOOOO!

So this got me thinking (or maybe dreaming) if people (you) gave me some (loads) of money I could retire. I know it happens, people giving away fortunes to strangers and I'm not really a stranger, strange maybe? Or bloggers put little tag thingys on their blogs asking for donations, so I don't have a tag thingy, whats a tag thingy between friends?!

There you have it, your opportunity to help me stop falling asleep in Big Brother and let me retire. Large donations gratefully received. Thanks!!


DJ Kirkby said...

No way are you working till you're 65 if I have anything to do with it! falling asleep IN Big Brother? What DO you get up to in the front room while I am busy writing?

her indoors said...

if you are watching big brother you deserve to fall asleep!
tell you what i will do a collection for you if you do one for me deal or no deal!

Pixie said...

wel don't look at me, I'm coming to work for you hoovering your car.
..... so work work I'll need paying!

Tippler said...

I've got enough trouble with my 'little tag thingy' as it is, thanks.

Certainly NOT getting involved with yours.

Aunty Vixs said...

I will give you £1 to start your retirement fund off IF you don't eat the pine cone.....

jAMiE said...

I love BB too...but we get the American version...lots of fun!

Happy Dreams of early retirement!

jAMiE said...

ps Chopski, could you update my name on your blogroll with this address....thank you very much!

Chopski said...

DJ; Get your mind out of the gutter, twas a typo ok!


P; Fancy thinking of yourself instead of my retirement, how very dare you!

T; Thank god for that!

AV; Give me the pound before I tell you if I ate it.

J; BB tonight with a doulble eviction. Will do the update now.

Kahless said...

If I have any spare money I am giving it to you good dear wife to open her idyllic eatery which she once posted about.

DJ Kirkby said...

Ta Kahless, thats a great idea 'cos Chopper is an amazing cook! He could do a few select main courses and I could do desserts, our published works would be within easy reach for customers to peruse before buying...ooops sorry Chops, no retirement for you ever...erm... great idea though huh? Oh and btw Chops...'get my mind out of the gutter'? You'd be the first to complain if I did!