Saturday, 28 July 2007

Silent Saturday!!

I know DJ has a 'Wordless Wednesday' well I've snuck in a 'Silent Saturday'. I just couldn't resist when I saw this. I'm saying nothing!


her indoors said...

LOL. had to show this to himself as he knows if i washed it i would shrink it!

Kahless said...

Its great, Mrs Kahless does all the washing in my household. Don't even know how to work the washing machine in all truth!

DJ Kirkby said...

Good thing we are not maried then, eh? The washing would pile up even faster!

Chopski said...

HI; Tut tut!

K; Ditto!

DJ; Ditto, ditto!

Pixie said...

Fab, we could all do with one. If you find a source could you let us all know then we too can keep a wife in the cupboard next to the washing powder!!!

Chopski said...

You don't have a wife in the cupboard? What sort of house have you got??