Tuesday, 26 June 2007

I've broken my glasses! I need them for close work and typing so, essential really! So to make sure I can function properly until I get a new pair they are mended with sellotape! MMMMM, nice!

Got me thinking what else I cant do without;

  • Heather (that's a given and plenty of housepoints).
  • My mobile, god knows how we managed without them.
  • Tea, especially first thing in the morning.

That's a bit sad not a lot really! What can't you live without?


Pixie said...

Sons,sister, friends, lovers when i get them, blogging, champagne and toast, not nessarily togther but no problem if so.

DJ Kirkby said...

This is a really thought provoking post. I would list:

You and our boys, of course.

Love, lust, laughter and good health.

Our friends and my family in Canada.

Fresh water, tea, wine,champagne and good food.

Reading materials.

her indoors said...

so you doing a jack duckworth then!

things i couldn't so without -
oh did i mention sex!!!
hope you get them fixed soon!

Queen Vixen said...

My mobile
My watch - does my head in when I cant find it
All the people I love - of course
Tarot cards

Its a good question and if I was not so utterly knackered I would answer in a far more witty fashion - but as I am, thats your lot.

DJ Kirkby said...

Congrats on getting another story published! I am so proud of you (and your filthy mind)!

Chopski said...

P: Is toast; cooked bread or 'your good health'?

DJ; Good to see you put me top!!

HI; Very Jack Duckworth! Looks like you have a bit of a theme running through your list!!

QV; Tarot cards, can you read them or someone reads yours?

DJ; Thanks hon! Still wont be happy 'till I get one in Peoples Friend!!

Queen Vixen said...

I read the cards. I am something of an expert at the tarot. Love the symbolism - the reflection of the human condition - the very scary way my readings come true. Any of you out there who have had a reading will be able to back me up on that one. Come on dont be shy!

DJ Kirkby said...

My mom reads the tarot, I grew up with it and I am still scared of them and the accuracy of a good reader.

Chopski said...

QV; You ever see anything you'd rather you hadn't and if so did you tell them what it was?

Kahless said...

My partner
My dogs
The Internet

vixen - ever thought of setting up an online service to make some extra dosh? Tarot service that is.
I have on occaision gone and seen a medium.

Queen Vixen said...

Yes I did wonder. Have done readings for friends and stuff but the personalised tarot does appeal. My readings are great, and the poetic write up that comes with them is even better lol I shall mull it over

Your mum sounds ace chopski

Chopski said...

QV; Did you mean DJ's mom?
I think I'd like a Tarot reading but am too much of a chicken!!

Queen Vixen said...

Yes I did. I get confused. Must consult the cards.

ps no need to be a chicken - I shall do you a reading. After my assigment is done - you will have to remind me though. Jog the old memory!

dj your mom sounds ace

Chopski said...

Cool! Thanks, will need someone to remind me to remind you!!

DJ Kirkby said...

My mom is superb. Read my 'Adventures of a wild hippie child' blog for more about her...

Lady in red said...

things I cant do without

my boys
my phones
my computer (preferably with internet connection)
something to read
sun glasses (even when its overcast)
my bed
my car
my friends

in no particular order except my boys come tops everytime