Thursday, 19 April 2007


Today my girlfriend was offered a years secondment at work doing something she has wanted to do for ages. She has to have approval from her line manager before she can accept the post. This is an excellent opportunity and would be an invaluable resource for both parties. Her manager is so damn short sighted and doesn't see it as such and may, for totally selfish reasons not let her go! She works for huge national organisation who treat their staff like shit and to my mind it's not just the fault of the company, the managers have to take a large proportion of the blame for this too. It seems as soon as they get a stripe on their arm they become someone else. They forget what it was like working on the shop floor, how to speak to people and they totally lose their sense of humour. It's like a pre-requisite to being a manager is to have a small part of your brain removed so you lose all sense of reason! Obviously all are not like this, it's generally the ones who were lazy and incompetent on the bottom rung of the ladder who become the bloody tyrants! It's quite cliche' to say shit about treating them well on the way up as you may meet them on the way down but I think it's right! If I am lets hope some are in for a hard landing!

On a brighter note something happened today which proved to me in a small way that the little man does sometimes come out on top. I was out on delivery at work last week and one road I go to has a small strip of lawn outside the front of each of the houses adjacent to their driveway. It's about six foot wide and thirty foot long, one step and I'm over! When I got to number 10 the owner was laying in wait and as soon as I stepped on his grass he jumped out of the doorway and said "please don't walk on my garden!" Garden?! It's a scruffy bit of grass but I bit my lip, smiled and promised not to. Today I cut across all the "gardens" until I got to number 10 and there it was, his comeuppance! Something or someone (he probably thought it was me) had done a huge shit in the middle of the grass! Ha Ha! Up yours you petty minded arse!

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Lady in red said...

I complain about that too. I try to grow thorny things to keep nextdoors kids off my garden but the post man flattens then with his size 11's grrrrr