Saturday, 21 April 2007

Friday (written on Saturday)

Far too busy to write anything yesterday, had my boys round here and by the time I'd ferried them about and got home I was knackered! Fell asleep in Ugly Betty, the tv show, not the lady from number 30!
Was listening to a couple chatting yesterday and I love to hear what other people talk about. She told him she was off on her holidays soon and he replied with; "You going anywhere nice?" Fuck off idiot! Of course she's going somewhere nice or at least she thinks she is. What did he expect in reply? "No, going somewhere shit this year, went to a nice place last year and we don't want to spoil ourselves! Hope it's worse than the shit place we went to the year before because that was better than we expected and if we pay all that money we want what we pay for!" Why do people have to talk just for the sake of it? If you don't have anything worth saying for gods sake keep it zipped!

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Lady in red said...

just like saying of kids ......hasn't he/she grown ?

no they shrink !!