Sunday, 29 April 2007


Ok, now it's Sunday and I'm writing Sundays blog! This is a bit of a novelty this week writing the blog on its due day. We've had quite a relaxing day just hanging about in the garden soaking up the rays. The weather's been great again this weekend so we are making the most of it. Little'uns dad (D.F.B we call him, Dick For Brains) was around to see him this morning, he used to come every Sunday morning but the novelty has worn off lately. I can count on one hand how many times he's been around this year, he couldn't even make it for Little'uns birthday Loser! It's a shame really because I think he's a knob and wouldn't care if he never came around again but Little'un loves him to bits. I can put up with 2 hours of D.F.B on a Sunday if it makes the little man happy and how else would I get to piss in his tea?!
We came up with a great idea for a new business, so watch this space! Before you ask it has nothing to do with pissing in tea but if it works for you........!!


Anonymous said...

D.F.B very good that one!

I agree!!!!!


Lady in red said...

my ex is SF (shit face) he used to drive a cespit lorry which kind of fits...
he lived worked and talked shit