Sunday, 29 April 2007


Nearly caught up! Felt a bit better today maybe it was the medicine or maybe it's just because I had something to blame the weirdness on and it's all a load of bollocks! I'm not really sure what the doctor gives me anyway, he probably thinks here he is again, fuck all wrong with him so give him the placebo! I'd never know and, thinking I'm taking something which makes me better, I get better? I'm quite keen on conspiracy theories even when they are crap, some people have taken a lot of time and effort to construct them!
I was home babysitting today and when the little'un was in bed and I was all alone I had a take-away for supper. I love curry and was looking forward to it but (here it is again 'BUT'), it was fucking horrible! First off there was no naan bread (which I paid for), the salad looked like it had been out in the garden all day for the tortoises and the curry (I use the word loosely) tasted like someone had already eaten it once! Grrr! I wont be going back there in a hurry, luckily there is another curry house almost next door, maybe I'll try them next time!

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Lady in red said...

when my headaches get better I wonder if it was the pain killers or if it was going to get better at that point anyway