Thursday, 2 September 2010

Integrity! Where has it all gone?

In March we gutted the downstairs cloakroom, had the walls re-skimmed and a new toilet and basin were fitted.

We were very pleased with it.

Pleased until now.

I had painted the walls blue, a light blue, sorry I can't be more specific without going to the shed to look at the tin. The paint stayed on until quite recently when it started to peel off. I painted it again and this time at the bottom of the wall it didn't dry in the same colour. We now have two tone walls.

I invested in a damp meter and we have damp. Not on all the walls just the bits that are darker than the other bits.

I phoned the plasterer and he said it was nothing he'd done.

I hunted through my stuff and found a warranty for a damp course we had done before we moved in 4 years ago and rang the damp firm. Before I even asked him to come and look at it he told me that the warranties were no longer valid. It was supposed to last 15 years and the firm is still trading but the warranty is no good.

We are owed money from another man who keeps promising to pay despite having a CCJ out on him still no sign of the money. This money would pay for the work to be done.

I was going to have a long rant about integrity but I can't be bothered, fill in your own blanks...!


DJ Kirkby said...

Grrrrr, I say, Grrrrrrrrr!

nitebyrd said...

Sounds just like the way things work here. No one gives a damn about their work or about you!

José said...

Well, some companies prefer to see their names ruined, forgeting that quality is like olive oil: always comes up.

mold inspections five boros said...

Yes there is no good days of honesty left.Even when you pay to get the best job done...they misuse the money and act unprofessional.It is disgusting to have damp wall.