Monday, 4 May 2009

The Good Old Days?

I was reading a couple of days ago on Tom Foolery's blog about leaving a legacy and it got me wondering if I would get to leave a legacy.

There is a shop at the bottom of our road, it's been numerous things in it's past. I've known it in the short time I've been here as a takeaway, a card shop, a charity shop and now it stands empty. I'd like to buy it and turn it into one of those old curiosity shops. You know the type? The ones that have a bell attached to the door frame which jingles every time the door opens and closes behind you and as soon as you are ensconced inside smells of old! I'd sell all kinds of things; books, vases, paintings, miss-matched cutlery etc and never make a profit. The store would be called The Good Old Days.

But it isn't about the shop, because when I sold up it would probably revert to one of it's former uses, it's about the bus stop right outside the door of the shop. People using the bus and getting off at that stop would invariably have to ask the bus driver for "A return to the good old days"!

Is that even a legacy or do I have to aim higher?


So in the mean time I've acquired a donor card and am leaving a leg so am at the moment at least halfway there!


nitebyrd said...

Chopper, you're just the right kind of person to have a musty old store! LOL Now all you need is a donor card for your ass and knee.

(It's close but not that close, correct?) ;)

DJ Kirkby said...

I want to have a bookstore enxt door where people can buy a bit of cake and settle in for a good read of some used books before buying a new book from the store.


Chopper, what a sweet legacy.I'm leaving my brain to the Nation. God help them ;-) TFx